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Dr. John Senior (1923-1999) was a retired Professor of Classics and a well-known Catholic thinker, of international reputation. He authored The Way Down and Out (1959), The Death of Christian Culture (1978), The Restoration of Christian Culture (1983), Pale Horse, Easy Rider (1992), and The Idea of a School (1994).

With two other professors, Dr. Dennis Quinn and Dr. Frank Nelick, he taught in the very successful Integrated Humanities Program at the University of Kansas from 1969-1979, quite a remarkable feat considering the institution's notorious pluralistic and revolutionary environment, "which one college official only half-jestingly called 'the established religion of the university'".  Nevertheless, Dr. Senior and his two colleagues "explicitly taught the radical view that there was a truth and it could be known"

"Most remarkable of all, however, was that the three professors made their converts without proselytizing.  They were simply teaching the landmark works, ideas and achievements of Western culture... In fact, their reading lists, which began with the Greek and Roman classics and continued through modern American literature, contained only a handful of works that could be construed as explicitly Christain, such as St. Augustine's Confessions."

Dr. Senior was a longtime member of the Immaculata Chapel at St. Mary's College & Academy in St. Mary's, Kansas, and upon his death in early April 1999 was buried in the chapel's nearby cemetery.

Quotes are taken from the in memoriam article "Reviving Christendom" by Jeffrey Rubin, a former student of Dr. Senior, and featured in the Fall 1999 issue of Susum Corda magazine.