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Charter of Schools of the Society of St. Pius X
  1. Schools under the aegis of the Priestly Society of St. Pius X have, as their main purpose, the Christian education of our youth according to the spirit of Holy Mother Church, which has received the divine mission of going and teaching all nations, and whose many centuries of experience has been clearly expressed in those wise directives given by successive Sovereign Pontiffs and constantly manifested by the work of holy educators.

  2. These schools have, as their very foundation, a lively spirit of Faith. Whenever a school is based on a profound Faith, studies will indeed be fruitful, discipline will be trouble-free, and family spirit will prove to be simple and natural. In these days of apostasy, these schools strive to pass on the love of truth. Students learn to recognize and reject modern-day errors; thus will they be able to stand fast and persevere on the narrow path leading to Heaven despite the myriad dangers of this world.

  3. In order to provide a genuinely Catholic education to our young, these schools, supported by faithful parents, who are their children's first teachers, must, in fact, be free from all constraints, whether of an ideological or financial nature. It is from such schools that vocations and Christian families will come: the very foundations of society.

  4. Christian education, seen as cooperation with the action of Grace, aims at the formation of the true and perfect Christian. Our schools find in the traditional liturgy of the Church the privileged source of supernatural life as well as that of solid piety. Students will love assisting at the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, frequenting the sacraments and participating in Church ceremonies and Sacred music. Liturgy is able to educate, with delicacy, those virtues so essential to the Christian soul.

  5. These institutions impart truly Catholic teaching, wherein the secular sciences are studied and applied in harmony with the spirit of Catholic Faith. They respect the scale of values of the sciences as they afford primacy to the philosophy of reality followed by the humanities and history in order to achieve sound judgment through a classic formation of our children's hearts and minds. They also facilitate the choice of a career or of a state of life, while allowing each student to discover his own limits, gifts and possibilities.

  6. The formation of well-balanced personalities depends upon the well-rounded education of the whole man, body and soul, through the constant exercise of both natural and supernatural virtues. It is for this reason that discipline must be demanding yet flexible in order to form sturdy characters having, together with the habit of fulfilling their duties of state, a generous spirit of sacrifice and concern for the common good. Particular favor will be given to the Arts especially to music and singing which refine and temper youth's sensibilities. Manual skills will develop our student's practical sense and spirit of service to others. Physical training and organized sports provide opportunities of burning off their excess energy with moderation while learning to live in harmony with their fellow students.

  7. These schools will strive to acquire a teaching staff in perfect agreement with their sacred end in view. Through their good example and competence, our professors are, indeed, concerned in dispensing genuine Catholic teaching. All of this teaching, all of school's organization, its personnel and textbooks and programs as well as its discipline, are all directed and governed by a truly Christian spirit. The resulting cohesion will assure the high quality of the students' development and formation.

  8. The atmosphere and surroundings of these schools must conform with those of the Holy Family. Proper authority guarantees the exercise of fraternal charity: fatherliness of the priests and professors, an active and obedient participation of the pupils and a fraternal spirit of the older children with regard to their younger companions.

  9. In order to be truly efficient, these schools can no more do without the families' close collaboration nor take their place, bur rather they are to help these families in the proper upbringing of their children. It is therefore, an absolute necessity, for the good of their children, that parents commit themselves to know and put into practice the very same principles as those of the school they have chosen. Thus will the true Christian spirit contribute to the establishment of Our Lord Jesus Christ's social Reign throughout the world.